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Tim Leverett is a mixed-media artist celebrating the weird and wonderful aspects of life through art. His artwork is abstract with references to humanity, culture, spirituality and nature. His use of design symmetry, asymmetry and composition within the abstract is enlightening and clarifying. There is often both resonance and dissonance, masculine and feminine, sensuality and spirituality. A symphony of visual melodies echoing throughout a harmony of often vivid colors.

He does not shy away from strong visual elements and the sculptural qualities of many of his pieces create a tactile presentation that is surprising and evocative on initial viewing. The work is bold, eye-catching, and dramatic contemporary art that captures a deep sense of creative energy.

Ideally suited for collectors with strong artistic tastes, those not afraid to make a statement. Placing one of his works on a wall will draw attention, curiosity, and wonder to that location.  Great in high-end contemporary and modern homes, eclectic homes of artists and art collectors, unique corporate environments, and trend-setting restaurants and hotels.


Tim Leverett has worked professionally as a Graphic Designer, Art Director, Creative Director, Commercial Artist, Photographer and Marketing Director. During his professional arts careers he has worked closely with dancers, choreographers, and high-profile Platinum selling musicians/artists. Past work has garnered him 2 Platinum and 2 Gold Records for album cover design.

He currently spends most of his free time creating art and music out of his studios in Rochester, NY.

"I have been an artist of one sort or the other my entire life. I have journeyed back and forth through painting, photography, music and graphic design since childhood. I love the escape of being in my studio with music playing, and getting completely lost in creating.

I like to let myself go and let the universe talk. It's very satisfying when art reveals itself. Some pieces are very planned and meticulously created, and for others I'm just a conduit to something else. This is one of the most beautiful things about abstract art. It can be a real-time journey with no predetermined beginning or end. I often don't know where it came from, it just feels more like I opened myself up and the art spoke through me onto the canvas."


Recent Exhibitions

Clothesline Arts Festival - Rochester, NY - September 2018

Rochester Contemporary Arts Center - Collective Exhibition - Nov/Dec 2018

Galerie Rue Toulouse - French Quarter, New Orleans, LA - Winter 2018/2019

Corn Hill Arts Festival - Rochester, NY - July 2019

Clothesline Arts Festival - Rochester, NY - September 2019

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